Our 3Rs

We employ the unique 3Rs (Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate) social work approach to support street-connected children.

Our Methodology

The 3Rs represent the methodology of SCEF – rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of street- connected children.  This methodology focuses on the welfare of children as well as their families.

We rescue children in street situations, rehabilitate and reintegrate them successfully into James Town schools with a heavy focus on keeping them in school. With our 3 Rs, we hope to see every child in James Town and Accra Central complete primary and secondary education successfully.

We believe this will alleviate poverty in James Town and its environs.


Through a social-work based selection process, we identify and recruit children in street situations and seek to understand their aspirations. Seeking consent from these children during rescue is key. During this stage we establish a rapport with identified children on the streets, and schools. We also come in contact with some of the children through referrals. 

Most children we identify in schools and through referrals are children who are likely to join their peers on the streets if not rescued at the early. After the selection process, a profile of each child is made. Furthermore, we identify the key challenges they face in their education.


Children go through counseling sessions at our center after rescue. Moreover, children who are rescued directly from the streets go through three months of learning sessions using our SCEF curriculum.

They are taught basic numeracy, literacy, creative arts, life skills, classroom rules, and other regulations to prepare them for school. Through this education, the children acquire the knowledge that will help them when enrolling in formal schools.


While the rehabilitation process is on-going we also find the families of these street connected children. We seek their consent and work with them to improve upon the lives of their children. We make provisions for these children to join their peers in the government schools and provide the support and supplies necessary for these children to attend school.

 It is mandatory for all our scholarship recipients to have at least basic education after which each child can decide to further their education or have skill training.