Our History

Founded in 2010 by Paul Semeh with support from three Finnish students. He was inspired by his life also on the streets and during his national service at the Street Academy.

Our Approach

The Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) is a registered non-governmental organization in Ghana(ge..), founded in September 2010 that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate street-connected and vulnerable children in Accra Central, especially Accra James Town

A census conducted in 2010 by the Department of Social Welfare revealed that there are over 60000 children in street situations in Accra alone.

Paul and other SCEF founding members from Finland

SCEF’s project is meant to eradicate street living amongst children across the neighbourhood and alleviate poverty. Such an achievement would drastically boost the area’s economic standing and inspire much-needed development in a forgotten neighbourhood of a currently fast-developing urban centre. As business continues to pour into Ghana, the class gap between the rich and the poor will only increase if steps to level the playing field are not taken, and with haste. SCEF addresses the most crucial need for these children, identified by children in street situations themselves, for access to education that will see them to a sustainable career in the future.

We provide for these children necessary school requirements like other school fees and levies that the government does not pay, school supplies (school bags, school uniforms, exercise books, notebooks, textbooks, story books), and health insurance registration. We also involve these kids in special theme-based events and activities to shape their perspectives and give them a universal view of the world. We, through our practical social work in the respective schools that these children attend, monitor closely and evaluate the performance and attendance of these children to ensure that our funds are expediently used.

Through a holistic approach, we identify and empower families and guardians of children in street situations to take up the duty of caring for their own children.
Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) is registered in U.S.A, Germany and Finland.