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Be the Guiding Light for Samuel and Deonani: Become Their Godparents Today!

Join us in transforming the lives of Samuel and Deonani, two extraordinary brothers from Jamestown, and other children who are part of SCEF’s last quarter cohort. These brave souls have been rescued from the harsh streets, prepared for school through a life skills rehabilitation program, and are now eagerly waiting to reintegrate into school immediately. Your support as a godparent can empower their journeys to a bright and promising future.

Meet Samuel Owoo, a determined and bright-eyed four-year-old boy with dreams that reach for the stars. Samuel, along with his older half-brother Deonani, resides in a humble home—a single compact room where they face daily challenges. Their neighbourhood, tainted by a nearby shop selling cigarettes and alcohol, creates an inhospitable environment. But Samuel’s spirit remains unbroken.

Their devoted mother, Naa Kwarley, works tirelessly to provide for her children. Tragically, Samuel’s father passed away shortly after his birth, leaving Naa Kwarley to shoulder the responsibility alone. Despite the hardships, Samuel finds solace by playing in areas away from the harmful smoke, determined to avoid airborne diseases. Naa Kwarley, through her hard work, ensures that her children receive at least two hot meals daily, but the family’s limited income makes it difficult to afford school admission and essential learning materials.

Samuel’s yearning for education is palpable. He longs for the opportunity to pursue his dreams, to break free from the cycle of poverty, and to create a better future for himself. As a godparent, you can make that difference. Your support will grant Samuel access to quality education, vital health support, and a nurturing environment where he can thrive.

Imagine the impact you can make on Samuel and Deonani’s lives. By becoming their godparents, you will empower these brothers with the resources, opportunities, and support they need to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Together, we can ensure that their rights to education are fulfilled, paving the way for endless possibilities.

Don’t let this chance slip away. Click the link below to become Samuel and Deonani’s godparents and join us in creating a brighter future for them and the other children in the SCEF program:

Your compassion and generosity will be their guiding light, igniting the flames of hope and ambition within their young hearts. Every child deserves a chance to thrive and succeed. By becoming their godparents, you become an integral part of their extraordinary journey.

Thank you for considering this life-changing opportunity. With your support, we can break barriers, uplift lives, and empower these children to become the best versions of themselves.

Together, let’s rewrite their stories and create a future filled with endless possibilities. Become Samuel and Deonani’s godparents today!