Become a godparent

Become a godparent to support a street-connected child with $2 a day.

It's cost $2 a day to save a street-connected Child

As a godparent, you will have the opportunity to provide essential support to a street-connected child in Ghana, helping them access education, healthcare, and child rights. You will also build a meaningful relationship with your godchild and their family, and witness their growth and transformation. By becoming a godparent, you will not only change a life, but also join a community of faith and solidarity with SCEF. It’s cost $2 a day to provide such for a child.

Physical Needs Support:

This category will consist of food provisions, shelter services, and clothing, and will cater to families that are struggling to provide basic necessities to their children.

Education and Development Support:

This category focuses on providing selected children and youth with quality education, scholarships, mentorship, life skill classes, and support for career development. This category is designed to help scholarship recipients gain the skills and experience required to reach their full potential.

Health and Life Skills Support:

This category focuses on providing children and youths with basic health care, mental wellness, psychosocial support, and critical life skills classes that may not be available elsewhere.

Family Support:

This category focuses on providing support for families experiencing financial, social, and emotional difficulties, such as counselling, family mediation, and parenting classes. The program is designed to support the mental and emotional wellbeing of families as a whole.

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Bank & MTN Details


Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana
Branch: Opera Square
Account Name: Street Children Empowerment Foundation
Account Number: 214 101 9439 110


Bank Name: GLS Gemeinschafts Bank
Account Name: SCEF Deutschland e.V.
Account Number: 1172992100
IBAN: DE02 4306 0967 1172 9921 00

MTN Mobile Money

MTN Mobile Money Details:
Account Name: SCEF SCEF
Account Number: 0240168390