Dear SCEF godparent,

We welcome you to our organization and appreciate your trust in SCEF and in our work with street children in Ghana. You are giving a street child the chance to a healthy and happy life – thank you!

Your godchild will soon be notified by our local staff that they now have a godparent. Every school term you will receive an update report on how your godchild is doing. You can also contact us any time with questions about SCEF’s work or about your godchild – don’t hesitate to ask, we are happy to respond!

Being a godparent for a SCEF beneficiary helps children claim their right to education and have a successful start to their life. Your generosity also lifts the entire community, as the SCEF activities reach children’s parents, guardians and other community members. Your donations for your child are combined with the donations of other godparents – rather than just being given directly to your sponsored child – to support programs that help make life better for all eligible children and their families in the communities we serve.

SCEF has over 200 beneficiaries in our database right now, and it is our goal to find godparents for all of them. Having godparents for our street children is the best way to support them because regular donations make it possible for us to plan our work strategically and in the long term. Please feel free to tell your family and friends about us. The more we are, the better we can make a difference!



Paul Semeh

Founder/ Executive Director
Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF)
Mob: +233 202 061 234