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From Struggles to Soaps: Honouring Diana’s Superhero Journey this Mother’s Day

Diana Quarcoo is a widow with five children. Her story is one that inspires us to come together and create change in our communities. Diana’s struggles began when she was forced to use all of her savings and business capital to care for her sick husband and children. Her situation worsened when she was unable to perform her widowhood rites as culture demands at the demise of her husband, leaving her unable to pursue a job or start a business to support herself and her family.

Thanks to the grant SCEF won from Vine Fund and the British in Ghana Society (BiGs), engineered by Toyin Dania, Diana received training in soap production. She started a small business hawking detergent and soap but has faced challenges due to the high rising cost of raw materials.

Despite these obstacles, Diana remains an active member of Omanye Soap Manufacturing Cooperative where she continues to receive training in creating soap from natural ingredients that are more gentle on the skin.

With support from this fundraising campaign, Diana will be equipped financially to be able to purchase the necessary ingredients to expand her business and provide affordable, high-quality products to her community.

“Diana’s journey and resilience have inspired me to support this initiative,” says Toyin Dania. “She has shown that with proper training and support, individuals like her can create positive change in their communities.

By investing in this fundraising campaign, we are not only supporting Diana and her family, but we are also contributing to the local economy and empowering individuals to create a better future for themselves and their communities.”

Join us in supporting this new fundraising campaign and making a difference in the lives of individuals like Diana Quarcoo. Together, we can create change, empower individuals, and build stronger communities.