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From the streets to the classroom

With the advent of COVID-19 and the many economic challenges the world is faced with now, one cannot help noticing alarming numbers of children flooding the streets of Accra in search of greener pastures that do not exist. As a street-connected organization, we are thriving through the storms of one of the lowest fundraising seasons to reach out to children out there on the streets of Accra.

Through SCEF’s unique methodology of 3Rs (rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration) which focuses on providing a safety net and educational support for our scholarship recipients, we are excited to share the impactful story of our new cohort of rescued children: Peter, Paul, and Gifty who have successfully completed their 3 months non-formal preparatory classes for mainstream school enrollment. 

Meet Peter, a nine-year-old boy whom SCEF rescued from the streets of Jamestown. Over the past years, Peter has been suffering from Hirschsprung Disease (a condition of the large intestine (colon) that causes chronic constipation due to malnutrition. This disease caused him to drop out of school due to the unbarring pains. Based on the financial constraints on the side of his parent, his younger brother Paul, found himself out of school to enable his parent to provide medical support for Peter. Through SCEF’s 100 A Year program, Peter successfully underwent Hirschsprung surgery and is currently enrolled in school together with his younger brother, Paul.  

Last but not least, Gifty is a twelve-year-old girl, who resided in the Northern part of Ghana. She relocated to Accra with the hope of enrolling in school but due to the economic hardship faced by her mother, she had to forgo her school dream to assist her mother ran the community public toilet in Jamestown. Through her constant visit to our Learning Hub, Gifty was taken through 3 months of preparatory class and currently, her dream of attending school has come to pass.

There are hundreds of additional street-connected children that need to be rescued, and because of you, we excel in what we do well. Thank you for believing in us, this success is all yours.

Gifty, Paul & Peter