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Honouring the everyday Superheroes this Mother’s Day!

As we approach Mother’s Day on May 14th, the Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) would like to take this opportunity to honour the contributions of the amazing Mothers who are part of our community. These women are pillars of strength and resilience. They have overcome unimaginable obstacles to provide their children with the best possible life they can offer. We are proud of these mothers for their unwavering commitment to their families and their communities.

Board Member, SCEF

As a Board Member of SCEF and the West Africa Regional Ambassador of WEDO, I am writing to ask for your support in our fundraising efforts to empower these mothers through urban saving and loans associations and grassroots Enterprise Development programs. With your help, we can change the trajectory of not only the lives of these women but also the lives of their children and the wider community.

We have numerous stories of beneficiaries whose lives have been changed through our programs. From Dora, a single mother of three, who sleeps on the street of Agbado and dreads anytime the clouds gather, to Doris, whose husband is handicapped rendering him incapable of working, leaving her to solely depend on high-interest rate loans to take care of her four children, these women are relentless in their pursuit of a better life.

Through SCEF’s training programs and Ghana Enterprise Agency COVID-19 small business grant, Dora has been empowered to join the Urban Savings and Loans Association to enable her to rent a room and Doris has been trained in soap making, allowing her to make soap for domestic and commercial purposes. Both women are now able to support their families through their newfound skills.

These Mothers are the backbone of their families, and we believe that by empowering them economically, we are also building stronger, sustainable communities. By donating to the Mothers’ Empowerment programs, you will be supporting these women by empowering them with the skills and resources they need to establish their own grassroots enterprises.

With these skills, they can make the financial transactions necessary to support their income, become small business owners, and create employment opportunities for others.

Your donation today will enable us to continue providing training and support to these women. It will provide for their participation in networking activities, obtaining seed funding and technical assistance for their Grassroots enterprise, and offer entrepreneurial grants that can supplement their incomes. Your contribution can also go towards offering a comprehensive package of care tailored to the beneficiaries of the program, including medical check-ups and school enrolment for their children.

In honour of Mother’s Day, we ask that you commemorate these everyday superheroes and encourage them with your support. You can donate through our online payment platforms: PayPal, GoFundMe, or other online fundraising tools.

We urge you to share this blog post widely and encourage your friends and colleagues to donate, as we work towards empowering more mothers in our community.

At SCEF, we believe that empowering Mothers is a sure way of strengthening communities and promoting sustainable development.

We thank you for your support!

Toyin Dania

SCEF Board Member

West Africa Regional Ambassador – WEDO