SCEF's Graduate Learning Program

The SCEF Graduate Learning Program is a one-year opportunity for fresh graduates who want to start a journey in the non-profit sector and are based in Accra. The program aims to provide graduates with practical exposure and hands-on experience in working with street-connected and vulnerable children, as well as developing their skills and knowledge in various aspects of non-profit management, such as fundraising, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, and project management. The program is also a platform for graduates to network with other professionals and stakeholders in the non-profit sector, and to contribute to the mission and vision of SCEF, whist they build their potentials and enhance their skill. 

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Our Volunteer & Internship Program

As a volunteer, you will help make the dreams of street-connected children come true and provide them with a better future. You will get an insight into the field of social work and gain a lot of practical experience for your future. Our work is done closely with children, their families, the schools they attend, and their communities through advocacy, educational support, complimentary education services, grass-roots enterprises, and local self-led, self-capitalized microfinance.

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