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Paul Semeh Appointed as a Member of 2REST’s International Academic and Policy Advisory Board

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Paul Semeh as a distinguished member of 2REST’s International Academic and Policy Advisory Board (IAPAB). Paul’s expertise and contributions to the field have been recognized and valued, earning him a well-deserved position on this prestigious board. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Paul is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the 2REST project and its impact on the lives of street youth worldwide.

A Brief Overview of 2REST:
2REST, an acronym for “Responsibilities for Resilience Embedded in Street Temporalities,” is a groundbreaking research project that aims to map the lived resiliences of street youth through the analysis of secondary data. Led by Professor Lorraine van Blerk from the University of Dundee, UK, the project has been awarded funding by the UK Research and Innovation’s Economic and Social Research Council (UKRI/ESRC). Its objective is to shed light on the unique challenges faced by street youth and explore the factors that contribute to their resilience.

Paul Semeh’s Invaluable Expertise:
As a newly appointed member of the IAPAB, Paul Semeh brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for creating positive change in the lives of marginalized youth. With a background in Sociology, Philosophy and many professional trainings in safeguarding/human and social development, Paul has dedicated his career to understanding the complexities of social issues and developing innovative solutions. His invaluable contributions have been acknowledged not only by his peers but also by the ESRC, who praised the “fantastic international team” assembled for the project.

Contributing to a Global Perspective:
Paul’s appointment to the IAPAB underscores the international nature of the 2REST project. By collaborating with researchers and professionals from diverse backgrounds, the project aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the resiliences embedded in street youth’s lives across different countries and cultures. Paul’s unique insights and perspectives will undoubtedly contribute to this global perspective, enriching the research findings and ensuring their relevance and applicability worldwide.

Driving Change and Empowering Street Youth:
2REST’s goal is to bring about positive change and empower street youth through evidence-based policy recommendations and interventions. With Paul Semeh’s involvement, the project gains a powerful advocate for social justice and equality. His dedication to fostering resilience and improving the lives of marginalized communities aligns perfectly with the project’s mission, making him an indispensable asset to IAPAB.

Looking Ahead:
The appointment of Paul Semeh to 2REST’s International Academic and Policy Advisory Board marks an exciting chapter in the project’s journey. As the team prepares for their first online meeting, the collective expertise, passion, and determination of the board members promises to create a meaningful and lasting impact. Together, they will contribute to the development of innovative strategies, policies, and interventions that will uplift and empower street youth, ultimately reshaping their futures.

We congratulate Paul Semeh on his appointment to 2REST’s International Academic and Policy Advisory Board. His contributions to the project are set to make a significant difference in understanding and supporting the resiliences of street youth. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes of the project and the positive changes it will bring thanks in part to Paul’s expertise and dedication.