Learning Hub

The SCEF learning hub is a haven for children in the Jamestown community for supplemental learning. The learning hub serves about 60 children everyday under different modules.

The Learning Hub runs an “after school” program for children in the Jamestown community. The learning hub serves about 60 children everyday under different modules namely, the library, classroom, playground and craft lab.

The Library

The library serves 22 children with books and reading problems. 


The classroom meets the needs of 10 children who require assistance with their home assignments and topics they barely understood in class.

Craft Lab

The craft lab, on the other hand, builds the creativity of eight children especially in arts and crafts.


The playground employs ‘’the play based’’ approach to teach 20 children different subjects in a fun and creative way.

Through our partner Right to Play, we have a manual used as a material to teach the children games that will develop their level of concentration in class in a fun way. The center moreover uses an “out of school curriculum” to teach numeracy, literacy, creativity and life skills.

The hub serves two major purposes namely; a 3-months rehabilitation program for newly rescued children in street situations providing them life-skills, basic numeracy, literacy, and creativity.

It also provides after-school supplemental learning programs for school-going children in the community. The learning hub comprises the Classroom, Craft Lab, Library, and Play Space.


During the past 10 years, the learning hub has reached 59,520 children (SCEF 10years evaluation Report, 2020). The highest point of reach and impact of all SCEF projects and programs.

Reading is fundamental for skills and education

Empowering children in street situations and their families by giving them possibilities in creative art learning and skill training.

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