Over 72,624 Beneficiaries

Over 500 Parents

Over 250 Volunteers - Ghana & Abroad

Impacted Children

We have for the past twelve years impacted the lives of children in street situations through scholarships, apprenticeship and our Learning Hub, where we have provided.  over 20,000 hours of supplementary literacy, art, sports, health, tutoring, and other forms of educational enrichment.
Through our Learning Hub and Centre for Grassroot’s Enterprise, provided educational and creative learning opportunities for over 10,000 children and parents from the broader Jamestown community and central Accra.

Impacted Parents

We have over the years supported over 500 parents of children in street situations to become financially self-reliant to be able to take care of their children. Mobilized about 10% of education resources from parents and guardians, demonstrating their commitment.

Policy Briefing

Policy briefs are also prepared from these reports to guide the work of the organisation and other stakeholders who are committed to the transformation of the lives of street-connected children.

Volunteers & Interns

Our work has also attracted over 250 volunteers and interns, from Ghana and abroad to join us on the frontline.

Case Study

SCEF has on many occasions conducted various studies to understand the challenges facing street-connected children, their families and communities. In addition, SCEF regularly conducts an independent evaluation of its projects and programmes to determine the impact and challenges of those interventions.


Ten-Year Evaluation Report (2010-2020


Policy Brief

Full evaluation report 2010-2020