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Raphael Akorli, a young man with a promising future

Raphael Akorli is a young man with a promising future. He is a residential learner at the Design & Technology Institute, pursuing a degree in Design Innovation with Design for Manufacturing and Programming and Electronics as his major. Despite the challenges he has faced as a result of being a beneficiary of the Street Children Empowerment Foundation, Raphael has shown exceptional promise as a 3D designer.

From his first day in class, Raphael’s passion for design and technology was evident. He consistently produced work that was innovative and of the highest quality, demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject. Raphael is a true talent in the field, and his potential is limitless.

Despite his incredible talent, Raphael has faced numerous challenges that have threatened to derail his dreams. One of the biggest obstacles he has had to overcome is the lack of resources available to him. Without a laptop, Raphael is unable to complete some assignments on time, and he often struggles to find the time to work on his projects after the IT lab closes at 5 pm. This has caused some teachers to express their displeasure with him, but Raphael remains undeterred.

What sets Raphael apart from many others is his self-confidence and ability to stand in front of the class and give presentations without fear. He is a natural leader, and his peers often look to him for guidance and inspiration. Raphael’s passion and drive are truly infectious, and he serves as an inspiration to all those around him.

It is clear that Raphael has the potential to go far in life, but he needs your help to make his dreams a reality. By donating to the Street Children Empowerment Foundation, you can help provide Raphael and other beneficiaries like him with the resources they need to succeed. Your support can make all the difference in the world, giving these young people the tools, they need to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Please consider donating today and be a part of Raphael’s incredible journey.