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SCEF and its drive to provide equal opportunities for street-connected children

Over the past decade, SCEF mission is providing equal opportunities for all children regardless of their differences. Through its Children in Hazardous Work (CHaW) program, many street-connected children have completed various levels of their educational dream. In 2019, SCEF set out to rescue 100 children yearly over a period of 5 years.

The zeal for the mission was high until coronavirus set in to stall all activities in the world. This did not stifle the spirit for the rescue mission. With adherence to all COVID-19 health protocols, SCEF social service team took to the streets of Circle, Agobgboloshie and its environs to identify and rescue children in street situations.

The momentum rose as Send A Smile e.V collaborated with SCEF, to rescue more children who will receive a fully-fledged boarding school scholarship.

In February, we successfully rescued six Street-connected children who were out of school due to the hardship at home; they went through a 3-months rehabilitation program to prepare them for their various class levels in order to catch up when enrolled into school.

Currently, these children were enrolled into Farm of Hope International Boarding School and are enjoying full educational scholarships.

These success stories motivated the team to increase the number of rescued children who traded in facemask, tomatoes, water, etc. In the month of May, 2020, the number of rescued Street-connected children rose from 6 to 18. This was a great achievement for the Social Service team. 

Currently, these 18 children are undergoing their 3-month rehabilitation program at Farm of Hope International Boarding School, to be reintegrated into their various class levels.

Also, to prevent the spread of diseases and infections amongst the children, the Send A Smile e.V and 720 DGREE Bottling Company gifted all 24 children with water bottles.

As we endeavour to rescue more street-connected children which is part of our 100 A Year Mission, we will like to thank everyone for their diverse support and also, call for more partnership from donors and philanthropists.

By Anthony Bosomtwe