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SCEF’s Board Restructuring and Strategic Planning: Paving the Way for a Bright Future

The Board at the Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) held an in-person meeting to discuss critical matters for the organization’s growth and sustainability after a considerable break due to challenging circumstances.

The Board during this pivotal meeting, underwent a significant restructuring, elected new officers, and approved essential plans for the upcoming financial year. Additionally, preparations were set in motion for SCEF’s 15 years Anniversary Celebration to be observed in September 2025.

After careful discussions about restructuring the board to enhance its effectiveness and widen the diversity of expertise, some nominations were made and upon careful consideration, the following candidates were unanimously approved: Toyin Dania – Vice Chairperson; Nnennia Ejebe – Treasurer; Christiana Baafuo-Awuah – Safeguarding Focal Expert; Kwabena Ankamah Offei-Badu – Legal Counsel. The positions of Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu and Paul Semeh were maintained as Chairman and Executive Secretary respectively.

Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and expertise, the SCEF Board have also approved to increase its membership from the current 7 to 9. This decision became necessary after a conducted matrix reveals some identified skills gap in the board. The expansion of membership will better position SCEF to tackle multifaceted challenges of children in street situations and embrace new opportunities.

Also deliberated upon at the meeting was the Strategic Planning of SCEF for 2023/2024. Management report for the last quarter of the year was presented to the Board highlighting SCEF’s achievements and challenges. The Board with valuable insights from the presentation, approved some documents which includes: the management manual, an annual work plan, and the budget for the 2023/2024 financial year. This strategic planning ensures that SCEF is well-prepared to achieve its goals and deliver impactful programs to children in street situations

The Street Children Empowerment Foundation will mark its 15th anniversary in September 2025. In view of this milestone celebration, the board proactively formed three committees to plan and execute this all-important event seamlessly.

The active resumption of meetings and reconstruction of the Board launches a remarkable moment in the organization’s history. Through thorough collaboration with the staff and beneficiaries, SCEF will continue to empower children in street situations and present them with the relevant opportunities to achieve their fullest potential for a brighter future.