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Sending a Smile to James Town

Donation from Send a Smile e.V.

Street connected children share 616 gift bags in James Town, Accra during the month of love.   Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) in partnership with Send a Smile e. V. made it possible for the the street connected  children to show their love to other children on the first day February this year. They happily shared the 616 gift bags, that were collected by Send a Smile e. V. as part of their “Dein Beutel für Ghana” campaign. The bags contained soaps, pomades, toothpastes and toothbrushes, books, toys, games, biscuits, toffees, clothes, and many more items. 

The giveaway started off at James Town roundabout and continued at James Town Light House where the remaining bags were shared among the children at the shore. This activity inspired great happiness among both the children and their family members as they received the gifts. SCEF’s scholarship recipients helped in sharing the gifts with the James Town community to inspire a spirit of giving among them

Finally, SCEF’s scholarship recipients received their own share of the gifts inside the premises of SCEF

The activity sparked great pleasure and joy amongst children in James Town as well as their families and their smile was a heartfelt and spirit lifting sight.