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Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) @ 11

This month we celebrate a day, a day which is very important to all of us.

Thus the 11th anniversary of Street Children Empowerment Foundation, wow indeed God has been good by  driving the vision and mission of our dear organization (SCEF) this far. 

This couldn’t have happened without your help, resilience and most especially dedication for this organization. Our Donors, volunteers, godparents, individuals and organizations we say


The organization flourishes upon your existence.
This organization teaches valuable life lessons like trust, unity, sacrifice, caring so have you; these things are essential in life and the growth of this organization depends on them. Though we have not fully achieved our vision and mission. How ever, the enthusiasm and patriotism you have shown all these years is promising. 

Hopefully, we can continue to help the vulnerable and street Children from your dedication, hard-work to spread positiveness.
May we continue to bloom and blossom and help each other out through the process, for this organization and the people always supporting us are like a second family to us. Let us dream that the next few years would be fruitful and bring everyone eternal bliss and happiness.

let keep saving the children from the street, for the street is not the home for our future leaders.
Together we can, together we serge, And together we conquer.

Thank you.