“The Learning Hub” is the main building of the NGO Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) in Ghana. SCEF Learning Hub is located in Jamestown, one of the poorest areas of the capital Accra. Children from the neighbourhood visit the Learning Hub at any time. At the Learning Hub, some social workers provide care, referrals, and counselling to children who have behavioural disorders, learning disabilities, and domestic-related issues. Craft lab where they are inspired, excited and empowered to create useful and beautiful handmade crafts, read books in our library, or share their worries with our social workers. In the Learning Hub’s yard, there is a play space where they can play and engage in outdoor activities which would reinforce and build their social skills as they engage with other children and make new friends.

The staff at SCEF and volunteers from all over the world assist the children. If a child, for instance, has problems in school, he/she can use our classroom to study and also receive help with homework and any difficult topics.

Of course facilities like the Learning Hub require money for it to be sustained. We need money for the materials in the Craft Lab, for books in the library, for clean and healthy drinking water, for electricity, for water in the washrooms, toilet paper, hand towels, soap, etc. so that we can offer the children a nice place where they feel comfortable and where they like to spend their time. Running the Learning Hub for one-day costs around 1 cedi per child. This is about 0.20 cents
1 GHS day/ 30 GHS monthly/ 360 GHS yearly per child
0.20 cents day / 6$ monthly/ 65 $ yearly per child
0.15 Euros day/ 5 Euros monthly/ 55 Euros yearly per child
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Each of the costs is calculated for one month of using the Learning Hub.