Terms and Conditions

By completing and signing this form, both parties have agreed to the following:

I do hereby enter into an agreement with SCEF to provide financial support for educational, health and other needs of of my Godchild, referred to herein as “beneficiary”. Both parties agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated herein.

Protection Policy.

The “godparent” shall pay the agreed sum to SCEF in a timely manner

SCEF shall monitor the “beneficiary” regularly and update the “godparent” once per school term (every three months).

SCEF shall arrange a meeting between the “godparent” and the “beneficiary” if requested.

The “godparent” shall not directly contact the “beneficiary” or subject the “beneficiary” to servitude, e.g. serving as a house help, street seller or shop assistant.

The “beneficiary” shall not directly contact the “godparent” without prior permission from SCEF.

SCEF owes no financial obligation to the “godparent” apart from prudent audited accounting information contained in SCEF’s annual reports.

The “godparent” shall not lay claim to any property belonging to SCEF and shall not interfere in the administration of SCEF.

The “godparent” shall give at least one month’s notice to SCEF if they intend to withdraw from acting as a “godparent” to the “beneficiary”.
*Please do tick below to agree to our godchild protection policy.YES, I agree to the terms and conditions