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The story of Theophilus Tetteh

The story of Theophilus Tetteh is one of resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of success. Despite facing several challenges, he has remained focused on his dream of becoming a skilled 3D designer, and his hard work is paying off.

As a residential learner at Design & Technology Institute, Theophilus has shown exceptional talent and dedication in his studies, particularly in his major in Communication Design. He is not only excelling academically but is also actively involved in student leadership as the General Secretary of the DTI Student Representative Council.

Despite his impressive achievements, Theophilus’ journey has not been without obstacles. As a beneficiary of the Street Children Empowerment Foundation, he understands the value of hard work and determination in overcoming challenges. However, he faces financial constraints that have made it difficult to acquire a laptop for his Animation and Graphic Design course, which is vital to his studies.

With the support of the Street Children Empowerment Foundation, Theophilus hopes to continue pursuing his dreams and enrolling in the TVET Certificate II program at the Design & Technology Institute. He understands that his hard work and dedication will take him far, but with the support of a laptop, he will have the necessary tools to succeed.

The story of Theophilus Tetteh is just one of the many inspiring tales of youth beneficiaries of the Street Children Empowerment Foundation. By donating to this organization, you can help change the lives of many talented and determined individuals like Theophilus who deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Together, let’s support the Street Children Empowerment Foundation and give hope to the future generation of skilled professionals in tertiary institutions and TVET.