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The waitlisting is taller than ever before…..

Our street rescue team waiting list is taller than ever before, join our redemption cause of safeguarding children in street situations starting with Nii Teiko.

Our COVID-19 survey revealed that, over sixty (60) households were really affected by the pandemic which took a huge toll on their livelihoods (most especially our target beneficiaries), therefore demanding that we write to you to help address this growing need for them to receive critical support to prevent bulge on the streets of Ghana with its accompanying problems/consequences.

To get this redemption cause reaching a lot more people, our founder Paul Semeh joined DonorSee to call on the entire world to action for Street-connected Children. DonorSee requires that we get our first rescue story “Nii Teiko” funded to fully access their amazing platform that will get millions to donate.

Special thanks to only four donors, we reached 10% of this target. You can also join now with any amount no matter how small in 3 Simple steps. Kindly enter an amount in the box, click donate and enter your Visacard/Mastercard.

The list is getting taller by the hour, join us with your donations to demonstrate the goodness of humans even during a global hardship.