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Uniting for Change: SCEF’s Inaugural Board of Trustees Retreat


In a world where compassion and unity are often overshadowed by the demands of daily life, the Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) took a bold step towards fostering stronger relationships and reenergizing its board of trustees. The first-ever board retreat, held at the luxurious Villa Cisneros Resort & Spa in Sogakope, Ghana, brought together a group of passionate individuals driven by a shared mission. From engaging activities to wellness experiences and meaningful conversations, this retreat served as a catalyst for personal growth and collective impact.

Day 1: A Journey of Art and Connection

The retreat embarked on an inspiring note with the board members participating in the Global Water Dances event at Goethe Institut. Dance became a powerful medium to advocate for water conservation and sustainability, igniting the passion within each trustee. As the journey continued to Sogakope, a lively party on the bus set the stage for genuine connections to flourish. Laughter echoed through the air, weaving a tapestry of unity and collaboration that would permeate the retreat.

Upon arrival at the magnificent Villa Cisneros Resort & Spa, the board members were greeted with warm hospitality and luxurious accommodations. The evening unfolded with a delightful welcome dinner, where tantalizing cuisine served as the backdrop for meaningful conversations. Testimonial 1 from Toyin Dania encapsulated the essence of the retreat’s first day, emphasizing the power of art and camaraderie to create an enriching experience.

Day 2: Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Creativity

The retreat’s second day commenced with a sumptuous buffet breakfast, fueling the trustees for an array of wellness experiences and creative endeavors. A visit to Holy Trinity Spa offered the board members a rejuvenating sauna experience and therapeutic massages, relieving their minds and bodies of stress. The tranquility of the environment provided a serene setting for a blissful journey of self-care.

In the afternoon, the board members embarked on a delightful culinary exploration, savoring local flavors at Somewhere in Sogakope. A unique sip and paint session unlocked their hidden artistic talents, fostering laughter and shared experiences. Testimonial 2 from Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu Bitugu highlighted the diverse range of experiences, from a fantastic breakfast to a spa oasis and a celebration of creativity.

As the day progressed, Lorenzo Pizza and more welcomed the board members to enjoy finger foods and the captivating outdoors of Sogakope. This relaxed atmosphere served as a perfect backdrop for bonding and cherishing the moments that would forever be etched in their memories. Testimonial 3 from Abena Deladem Semeh echoed the sentiments of rejuvenation and gratitude for the SCEF retreat.

Day 3: Reflection, Connection, and Gratitude

The final day of the retreat began with another delightful buffet breakfast, where the board members gathered to share stories and reflect on their transformative experience. The day unfolded as a sanctuary of relaxation and leisure, with the trustees indulging in the refreshing waters and idyllic surroundings of Villa Cisneros Resort & Spa. The retreat concluded with a delightful departure lunch at Sogakope Beach Resort, serving as a moment of gratitude for the transformative journey.

Testimonial 4 from Nnennia Ejebe captured the essence of personal connections, relaxation, and the profound impact of the retreat. Paul Semeh, Executive Director, shared his thoughts in Testimonial 5, expressing his appreciation for the retreat’s components and the lasting motivation it brought to the team.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Unity and Renewal

The first board of trustees’ retreat served as a pivotal moment for SCEF, reaffirming the organization’s commitment to fostering unity, collaboration, and personal growth. Through engaging activities, wellness experiences, and delectable cuisine, the retreat created an atmosphere of trust and connection that will undoubtedly translate into enhanced efforts to empower street children. As testimonies poured in, it became evident that SCEF’s dedication to its human resources is not just a notion but a fundamental pillar of the organization’s success. With this inaugural retreat as a steppingstone, the future holds a tapestry of continued empowerment, positive change, and unwavering commitment.