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Generally sharing, liking and amplifying the posts of SCEF through all social media channels to reach a larger audience and increase traffic on our social media pages and website. Preparing write-ups, blogging, photography, videography or newsletter articles, which would be a positive brand for the cause of SCEF. Starting strategic and creative social media campaigns, which would promote collective consciousness from viewers and listeners.

SCEF believe the money should go straight to people who need it such as children in street situations. You can start sharing news, facts, films and photos in the run-up on your Facebook event page including a link to for people to donate. Again, you can ask people in your network to donate goods, experiences or services to SCEF during their birthdays, anniversary and this also would be a fun addition to their celebrations. Helping to organize a car wash program to raise funds or even raising funds with a photo booth designed by the children at events. Putting donation boxes at shops you know of their management. Picking up SCEF’s donation boxes at designated places and sending the money through SCEF Momo.Using fundraising tally cards to raise funds for SCEF.Using your high social media influence, you can get local businesses to donate to SCEF in exchange for free advertising of their products on your page. Having a peer-to-peer fundraising challenge for SCEF over drink-up with friends.Linking SCEF to celebrities or people with a huge following who can help us to campaign our fundraising activities on their pages    

Volunteers who have an interest to help rescue children walking about during school hours can do the following; Observe the children in street situations naturally on their way back home after work. Engage children that they find in street situations on their way back from work. Identify the weakest out of them who are willing to go back to school and make an impact in life. Volunteers would then get consent from parents/guardians of identified children to take and share their pictures and stories of these children with SCEF for the purposes of the Children in Hazardous Work (CHaW) program. Social services would reach out to these children and equally engage them. Afterwards, SCEF would rescue these children per laid-down criteria for selection, rehabilitate them by providing three months of basic literacy at the Learning Hub and reintegrate the children in street situations into mainstream schools coupled with monitoring and evaluation through the home and school visits.  

Empowerment activities with parents/guardians of beneficiaries and youth in street situations and other professionals like Tech engineers, HR Experts, and accounting one or two days a week. Provide advice for new business plans and strategies for implementation. Help the parents of our beneficiaries grow their businesses from inception. Monitor business growth and establish methods for improvement.

SCEF will provide volunteers with hard and soft copies of promotional flyers for any fundraising activity. Certificates will be awarded to all volunteers at the end of the program. SCEF will provide recommendation letters for volunteers who want to apply to Universities abroad if the need be.