Advocacy, Approach & Impact

SCEF uses advocacy to empower and mobilize the voices of the community to speak up for themselves and for their rights as humans and members of the community.

Through both systematic and case advocacy, focusing on legislation/policy and individuals / small groups, SCEF is able to contribute to meaningful change for those who are marginalized. 

We further advocate for environmental consciousness highlighting local aspects and illustrating easy ways to be more mindful and to have a positive impact on the environment and climate.

Advocacy activities

Stakeholder Conference on Children in Street Situations

As part of the celebration of SCEF’s 10th anniversary, a virtual conference was convened to enable all relevant stakeholders to discuss pertinent issues concerning the welfare of children in street situations.

The conference also leveraged the upcoming 2020 general elections to advocate for a clear and realistic policy commitment from political on their plans to transform the lives of street-connected children and demand for these commitments to be added to their manifestos for accountability.

Advocacy activities

Voices for children in street situations campaign

This is an advocacy campaign that is gathering the expectations of citizens on what needs to be done by the government to improve the welfare of children in street situations. The expectations are collated and presented to policy-makers as a petition for action.