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SCEF Launches Off-Site Community Volunteer Programme

The Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF) has launched an off-site community volunteer programme to allow prospective and current volunteers to support the mission of the organization from anywhere in the world. The programme aims to equip people with hands-on experience on social work whilst engaged remotely in support of street-connected children. 

Speaking at SCEF’s maiden global conference and homecoming for past/current volunteers, interns, staff, donors and collaborators, a member of the board of SCEF, Toyin Dania underscored the relevance of volunteers to the work of the organization, describing their work as pivotal to achieving SCEF’s vision of bringing sustainable improvements to the lives of street-connected children.

Ms Toyin Dania noted the off-site community volunteer programme was in response to the associated restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic that has made it impossible for people to physically volunteer at the offices of SCEF. She, therefore, urged volunteers around the world to take advantage of this new programme to make an impact on the lives of vulnerable children.

‘’As we respond to COVID-19, we must use innovative ways such as this programme to adapt to the new normal. In a crisis such as this, our work is even more crucial because of the need to reach out and protect street-connected children. Therefore, as we stay safe at home, let us take advantage of this programme to support the work of SCEF remotely’’, She added.

On his part, Mr. Paul Semeh, the Executive Director of SCEF indicated that the programme will mobilize the needed human capital to support the organisations 10 – year Safeguard, Advocate, Partner and Empower (SAPE) strategic plan.  He outlined advocacy/communications, fundraising, community social work and business coaching as the options available for volunteers to choose and support.

The participants at the global conference and homecoming express satisfaction with the great impact SCEF is making on the lives of street-connected children and resolve to deepen their commitment to supporting this course.

‘’From recent evaluations, SCEF has empowered about 70,000 vulnerable children for the past 10 years. This is attributable to the sacrifices of staff, volunteers, interns and other partners. So we should all be proud and be motivated to continue this good work’’, Dr. Frank Kyei-Arthur, a volunteering consultant and evaluator of SCEF stated.

“I am happy to see that so many children have benefited from the work of SCEF. As volunteers, our work with SCEF should not stop when we leave Ghana or the offices of SCEF. Continues engagement is critical to achieving greater impact”, Tina Kortelainen, a volunteering Coordinator for SCEF Germany noted.

The conference which was organized on the theme: Consolidating our local actions and efforts into an international franchise/brand to shape the future of children in street situations was aimed at mobilising SCEF’s global stakeholders for a deepened impact.

The Off-Site Community Volunteer program is open to both locals and foreigners.