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Sharing is Caring 2019

At SCEF, health care is one of our major concern, we believe children cannot be empowered if they are unhealthy. Providing health care programs on yearly basis is a norm. We show love by caring for the health needs of street-connected children through our health event christened ‘’Sharing is Caring’’. This year’s Sharing is Caring is dubbed ‘’Personal Hygiene; A Key to Human and Community Development’’.

Childhood is a vital period in every individual’s life. It is a time where values are well developed. Children who are taught how to inculcate the habit of keeping themselves clean grow with it. Improving the lives of people can only be achieved through a sound mind and a sound body. It is impossible for persons who are not well to make positive input towards development because the wellness of the body and the mind are interrelated.


Our social service team during their regular checks realized the need to reiterate personal hygiene education. We should emphasize on ways to curb dirt in James Town, says our social service team. Starting with our children is the way forward because they hold the future. The future where James Town will be dirt free. We believe we can help them claim a better right to childhood by teaching them the essence of personal hygiene and ways to keep the body away from diseases. Children can only claim their right to better education if they are sound and fit.


There are various activities designed for the health event.

The children will watch a five-minute video on personal hygiene; this will serve as a guide for facilitators to use. This video presentation will also create a free and comfortable environment for children to learn and exercise what they have learned in their daily lives.

Health personnel will interact with children on hygiene practice and it needs. The children will also learn essential hygiene practices through ‘’ a Pick and Act’’ fun activity. Through hygiene games, the children will adopt some basic hygiene practices. Our facilitators will engage the kids in a hand washing exercise. Our drama group will give us a performance on personal hygiene.

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The children will receive a hygiene pack. The hygiene pack includes soap, Dettol, face towel, antiperspirant stick, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, and a paper bag.

Join us at The Learning Hub on February 23, 2019, as we show some love for street-connected children through health care.