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Hope for Little Kuks One

Little Kuks is 8 years old. She is hyperactive and finds it difficult to speak. The only word she says is ‘’Ayya’’ Little Kuks is always wearing a smile, despite the challenges she is facing.

She often comes to the Learning Hub to meet the SCEF staff and volunteers. We are happy that we are able to support her by providing a safe place for her to learn and play.

Our volunteers and interns are happy to assist her to improve her speech. Little Kuks also enjoy drawing and coloring at our craft Lab. We provide food for her anytime she comes to The Learning Hub.

Little Kuks as SCEF Play Space

Little Kuks as SCEF Play Space

The journey to recover Little Kuk’s Speech begins,

Mother of Kuks: I believe my child’s condition is due to some rituals which her father failed to perform. Her father who is a conductor in a commercial vehicle usually referred as ‘’trotro mate’’ comes from the northern part of Ghana. He failed to take Little Kuks to his hometown when she was born. He has also failed to visit his hometown ever since he relocated to Accra. This I believe is the reason for my child’s predicament. Little Kuks is able to speak when she is emotionally hurt.

It is October 2018; Little Kuks is here at Ussher Polyclinic in Accra Jamestown with our social service team. They are here for a medical check-up and to find out more about Kuk’s challenge with speech. She is referred to see a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital, which is also in Accra.

Little Kuks at Ussher Polyclinic

Little Kuks at Ussher Polyclinic

Our team follows up the Children’s Hospital in the same month. A Medical officer prescribes some drugs for Kuks. And again refers Kuks to the Neurosurgical Department at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital.

It is November 2018; our social team is with Kuks and her mother at the Neurosurgical Department. The medical doctor who attends to Kuks says anointing oil should be poured into Kuks’s ears. He believes Little Kuks’s condition is spiritual and needs spiritual intervention.

We at SCEF did not give up on Little Kuks. We decide to take her to a different hospital.

Our executive director, Paul Semeh recommends we send Little Kuks to a psychiatric hospital to seek more help and advice on her condition.

It is February 2018; Little Kuks together with her mother and our social service team are at Pantang Hospital, located in the Adentan Municipality.

Kuks at Pantang Hospital

Kuks at Pantang Hospital

A doctor examines Littles Kuks and probes her mother on her medical and social history. He says Little Kuks is a person with intellectual disability. ”Little Kuks has adaptive behavior problems. Her understanding of some things is very unusual; she is hyperactive, impulsive and finds it difficult processing orders. The doctor prescribes some medicines to calm her down and reduce her impulsiveness. ” The doctor says. He advises Kuks’ mother to always give her special and extra attention. The doctor says Little Kuks should be under observation for a month. Little Kuks should be taken to a special school afterward.

Join us on the journey to recover Little Kuks’s speech and help her get a sound mind.

We will keep you updated as we embark on this journey.

Nasira Dzigbordi Avagah
Street Children Empowerment Foundation (SCEF)

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